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Welcome to Mallie Boushaye Naturally Yours Fund Raising Project where you can raise the money you need selling our all natural and organic bath and body products. Do yo have a cause that you are passionate about? Let us help you bring your passion to the forefront.

People want three things when helping a fund raising project:
  • They want the products they select.
  • They want quality.
  • They want affordability.

We offer them all in one convenient package that is designed for the entire family.

Be the fundraising hero and call us for free samples to see just how awesome our bath and body products are. With our products and pricing, you will meet your budget goals by giving people exactly what they want…QUALITY ALL NATURAL AND ORGANIC BATH AND BODY PRODUCTS!

We can customize a fund raiser for any church, organization, charity, school or event.  Whether it's:
  • Fund raisers for Summer Projects
  • Fund raisers for Mother's Day or Father's Day
  • Fund raisers for softball or other team sports
  • Fund raisers for church
  • Fund raisers for cheerleading
  • Fund raisers for school
  • Fund raisers for charity events like: Outreaches, Pet Awareness
  • Fund raisers that think outside the box

We are here to help you launch a successful fund raiser event. Online brochures make it fast and easy to print additional brochures when needed.

Contact us today and let Mallie Boushaye Bath & Body Essentials help you maximize your fundraising potential. (913) 735-9916 or complete the form below.

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  • American Handcrafted Products
  • Natural & Organic Products
  • Profit's up to 30%
  • Free Materials & Helpful Forms
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